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Getting Started

  • Extract binary files from the ZIP archive to a new subfolder in your program files folder
  • Start OpenVPNWinSvc.GUI.exe. The service status shows "service not installed."
  • Click the service maintenance button (wrench icon)
  • Click on "install service"
  • Service status on main window changes to "stopped."
  • Click close on the service maintenance window
  • On the main window, click the "Add new tunnel" button and create a tunnel (green plus sign)
  • The new tunnel shows in the VPN Tunnels list
  • Select the newly created tunnel and click the "configure tunnel" button (blue gear)
  • Add/Remove/Edit openvpn configuration settings for your tunnel (top right corner buttons)
  • Optionally import an OVPN configuration file (leftmost button in top right corner)
  • Uncheck the "disable tunnel" checkbox (top left corner)
  • Click the apply button (green checkmark)
  • Click the "start/stop service" button to start the service
  • Click the "restart service" button if you want to reload configuration


Using Dbgview.exe

  • Download Dbgview.exe from Microsoft
  • Run as Administrator
  • Check the "Capture Global Win32" Entry under "Capture" menu
  • You should now see debug messages from the OpenVPN Service if you start/stop the service
  • Ctrl-X clears the display


Checking the Windows Event Log

  • Click the "show eventlog" button and navigate to the application logs
  • Open the "OpenVPN Service for Windows" log
  • Use cursor keys or mouse to browse through the tunnel events

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