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Niston Cloud's OpenVPN Service for Windows

Niston Cloud's OpenVPN Service for Windows is a supplementary NT service for the popular OpenVPN TLS VPN. It addresses a few shortcomings the standard NT service included with the OpenVPN distribution suffers from, most notably the lack of Sleep/Resume support and weak integration with the Windows environment.

OpenVPN Service for Windows - Control Panel



  • Easy Administration: Control and maintain the NT service with the included GUI
  • Easy Configuration: Configure your tunnels with the GUI configuration editor
  • Easy Debugging: Debug your OpenVPN tunnels with Microsoft's Dbgview.exe
  • Built for Mobile use: Fully supports Standby/Sleep/Resume power events
  • Process Watchdog: Keeps your tunnels alive in the event of a transient failure
  • Process Priority Control: Adjust scheduling priorities on a per-tunnel basis
  • Win32 Event Log support: Monitor OpenVPN events through the Windows Event Log
  • Windows Registry Support: Stores service and tunnel configuration in the Windows Registry
  • OVPN Config File Import: Import existing .ovpn files into the Registry configuration
  • Shared .NET Library: Use OpenVPN tunnels and servers from your own Applications
  • Does NOT include the OpenVPN binary! Obtain from


Please use the Issue Tracker to report any bugs you might encounter. Thank you.



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